Thracian Valley

Thracian Valley Step back in time to ancient Thrace, where legends come to life amidst rolling hills and fertile vineyards. This historic region is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, from mysterious burial mounds to intricately carved rock sanctuaries. And let’s not forget the wine! Indulge your palate with the rich flavors of Thracian wine, […]

The Valley of the Roses

The Valley of the Roses The Valley of the Roses Picture this: a gentle valley carpeted in a sea of pink petals, with the sweet scent of roses wafting through the air. This is the Valley of the Roses, where Bulgaria’s famous rose oil is harvested. Get ready to indulge your senses in this fragrant […]

Rila & Pirin Mountains

Rila and Pirin Mountains Get ready for breathtaking beauty in the Rila and Pirin Mountains, where majestic peaks and pristine lakes beckon adventurers. Bulgaria’s highest summit- Mount Musala, and the iconic Rila Monastery (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) await, promising a paradise for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. Lace up your hiking boots and prepare […]

Danubian Plain

Danubian Plain Life moves at a leisurely pace in the Danubian Plain, where the mighty Danube River weaves its way through picturesque landscapes and charming villages. Take a leisurely cruise along Europe’s second-longest river, or explore historic towns steeped in tradition and folklore. With its fertile farmland and serene beauty, this region is a true […]

Stara Planina Mountain

Stara Planina Mountain Ready for a breath of fresh air? Look no further than Stara Planina, the majestic mountain range that stretches across Bulgaria like a protective guardian. Whether you’re an avid skier or simply seeking solace in nature, this rugged beauty has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to explore its hidden caves, […]


Sofia Ah, the bustling heart of Bulgaria! Sofia isn’t just a city; it’s a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. From ancient Roman ruins to lively street markets, there’s never a dull moment in this dynamic capital. Get lost in the city’s maze of streets full of all sorts of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops.., […]

Black Sea Coast

Black Sea Coast Welcome to Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast—where sun, sea, and sand create a paradise for beach lovers. Explore vibrant resorts, charming villages, and rich cultural traditions along the shore. But the coast holds more wonders: discover Begliktash, an archaeological site near Primorsko. Often called Bulgaria’s Stonehenge, it boasts massive stone formations atop a […]


Northwest Region Nestled in the rugged beauty of Bulgaria’s northwest lies a treasure trove of natural wonders. Think lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, and quaint villages straight out of a fairy tale. Adventure seekers, rejoice! This region is a paradise for hikers, with the majestic Balkan Mountains offering breathtaking vistas at every turn. Ready for […]

Rhodopes Mountain

Rhodopes Mountain Prepare for enchantment in the mystical Rhodopes, where rugged peaks and ancient forests await adventurers and dreamers. This legendary land blurs myth and reality, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of culture and folklore. From hidden caves to quaint villages, every corner has a story.Embark on a journey where ancient wonders and natural beauty merge. […]